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Aalka Syrup
Anorec Syrup
Bicid Syrup
Bicid Capsules
Hair Oil
Charzer Syrup
Derino Capsules
Emerok Syrup
Enduce Syrup
Enduce Capsules
Liva Syrup
Liva Capsules
Nuflex Capsules
Nuflex Oil
Nuflex-DS Capsules
Regula Syrup
Rough Cough Syrup
Serena Capsules
Serena-S Capsules
Serena Scalp Oil
Shematinic Syrup
Shematinic Capsules
Sper-On Capsules
Spur-On Strong Capsules
Vaca Capsules
AALKA Syrup Systemic & Urinary Acidosis
ANOREC Capsules Treatment of Hemorrhoids
BICID Capsules Comprehensive approach to Acid-Peptic Disorders
BICID Syrup Comprehensive approach to Acid-Peptic Disorders
CALIBRAS HAIR OIL To Enhance Growth of Stronger, Longer & Healthy Hair
CHARZER Syrup Re-charges the Body-Systems
DERINO Capsules Sure cure for dermal infections
EMEROK Syrup To stop the vomiting & Nausea
ENDUCE Syrup Induce the digestion
ENDUCE Capsules Induce the digestion
LIVA Syrup Stimulates & strengthens the Liver
LIVA Capsules Stimulates & strengthens the Liver
NUFLEX Capsules For excellent results in Arthritis
NUFLEX Oil For excellent results in Arthritis
NUFLEX-DS Capsules To alleviate acute cases of inflammations & pain
REGULA Syrup Regularizes the Menstrual cycle
ROUSE Cough Syrup Immediate relief of cough
SERENA Capsules To Remove anxiety & Stress
SERENA-S Capsules For Chronic insomnia & Depression
SERENA Scalp Oil Local application for Tension Headaches, Cluster Headaches, Scalp Headaches, Anxiety, Insomnia.
SHEMATINIC Syrup To Accelerate erythropoisis
SHEMATINIC Capsules To Accelerate erythropoisis
SPER-ON Capsules To Increase sperm Count
SPUR-ON Strong Capsules For Loss of Libido & E.D
VACA Capsules Exclusive Treatment of Chronic Constipation