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Sure cure for dermal infections

It is a fact that skin disorders are difficult to eradicate totally. Hence we find diversity in the management approach. Ayurveda has a positive input to give on all the stages i.e. from the formation of skin, its structure, function and the causative factors, Symptomatology and the manifold unique treatment approach that includes Panchakarma.

A variety of factors have been identified as causative factors of skin disorders. Since there is impairment of skin as discoloration, ulceration, scaling, oozing, pus formation, raising and swelling, these are collectively called Kushta. The causative factors for skin disorders are as follows: consumption of incompatible food combinations (ViruddhaAahaara) e.g. improper use of honey, molasses, jaggery, fish, radish, beans, improperly set Yogurt /curds, fish, salted biscuits, sour substances, use of oils from rapeseed, sesame seed, repeated exposure to sun, sudden and extreme change of temperature etc.

Derino Capsule

Derino capsule contains a judicious mix of proven anti-biotic and anti-fungal, anti-protozoal, Anti-Viral agents like Manjistha, Nimba, Kutaj and Gandhaka.

Derino is a potent anti-microbial, as the concentrations are given in therapeutic doses.

Gandhaka is a broad spectrum anti-bacterial and specifically effective against Gram positive cocci which cause skin infections.

NIMBA: Neem is a versatile anti-microbial agent effective in bacterial, fungal & viral infections

MANJISTHA: It is another well known anti-microbial agent and very effective detoxifier (Blood purifier). Manjistha is specifically useful in Urinary, G.I, Skin infections.

Kutaj: Anti-protozoal and anti-bacterial

Punernava: helps in rejuvenation.

Mochras: It is astringent and antiinflammatory and specifically helps in repair of tissues.

Charmaroga Bacterial & Fungal Infections
Allergic and chronic disorders of skin Boils
Dosage of the Drug
1-2 capsules twice daily or as directed by the physician
Packing Details
10 x 10 blister pack
Capsule Composition
Each capsule contains extracts equivalent to
Manjistha Rubia cordifolia 600 mg.
Nimba Azadirachta indica 600 mg.
Bhringaraj Eclipta alba Hassk 400 mg.
Chakramarda Beej Cassia tora 300 mg.
Erandamool Ricinus communis 240 mg.
Kutaj Holarrhena antidysenterica 200 mg.
Lajjalu Mimosa pudica 200 mg.
Gandhak Sulphur 150 mg.
Mochras Bombax ceiba 100 mg.