Calibra Bioceuticals India Pvt. Ltd

The genesis of Calibra lies in the collaboration of a very young team of Professionals nurtured by mature & versatile support of vastly experienced technical people. Hence the amalgamation of Youth and experience has led to an organization which is strong, robust and ON THE MOVE. The technological innovations companioned with the zeal to outdo have made us, make a quick foray into the ethical market of Ayurveda formulations in India.

Our Managing Director Mr. Krishnaprasad Pushadapu, backed by an MBA degree has a rich experience in the arena of Manufacturing, Marketing and administration of Ayurveda formulations. His vision and commitment to Quality is truly inspiring to his team and the industry.

Our Marketing Manager, Mr. Rambabu Vinjamuri has an exposure of 32 years to the Pharma industry. His contributions in formulating our products have been immense and the marketing strategies are out of the box.
Mr. Ramesh is our Senior Manager-Operations and the back bone of our organization.

Since the start of this decade, AYURVEDA is witnessing an upsurge of huge demand. The concerted efforts of Ayurveda fraternity, Pharmaceutical Industry and Media have contributed immensely. The revival of interest in Ayurveda has come at an opportune time and all of us have to impart a greater thrust to take Ayurveda to a higher Pinnacle.

Interestingly, the positive trend for Ayurveda is more in the urban areas. The reasons are obvious. The severe side effects/untoward effects of modern medicine cause frustration and agony to the patients, apart from facing new problems by way of tissue damage to various organs of the body and thus evolution of newer diseases.

Ayurveda provides Permanent Cure for many chronic diseases, because Ayurveda aims at treating the CAUSE and not just the SYMPTOMS. What does a patient desire from a physician? comprehensive treatment and a permanent solution to his ailment. However, the patient also wants QUICK relief from symptoms. There is a misconception that Ayurveda drugs/treatment takes a long time for therapeutic action and symptomatic relief. This is not true. The original power of Ayurveda treats both Acute and chronic diseases and Ayurveda does have different but very effective drug delivery systems. Today’s Ayurveda has to adopt to the needs of modern patient and it is the duty of the pharma industry to provide good quality formulations with SAMPOORNA (Total) combination of original ingredients, which give immediate relief and more importantly CURE the disease.

CALIBRA, has been in the forefront of this mission. You would definitely agree with us, after going through our Website, the products, compositions, and packs. Our products are a reflection of the excellent technical and marketing backup, we possess. Please do suggest your comments.